the fate of Uber and Lyft in California is up to voters

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the fate of Uber and Lyft in California is up to voters

Messaggio da z2ugame » 16/09/2020, 4:46

Uber Gift Cards Uber has offered discounted rides to polling places for the last few years but this is the first time Uber has tried to help people register to vote through its app. Earlier this year Lyft announced it would offer discounted as well as free rides to the polls throughout the general election.

This year the fate of Uber and Lyft in California is up to voters. Prop 22 which Uber Buy Uber Gift Cards PayPal Lyft Postmates DoorDash and Instacart have collectively poured $180 million into seeks to keep their workers classified as independent contractors.Last year Transport for London banned Uber from operating in the capital citing safety concerns but its cars were allowed to continue to drive during an appeal. The company faced a similar legal battle to stay in London two years ago.

Uber was granted a 15-month license by the court in 2018 far less than its previous five-year permit and shorter than the 18-month approval it requested. A ruling on the case could come as soon as Friday but is more likely to come early next week. Uber would be able to continue operating even if it loses while it appeals the decision a process that can take years.


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